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Faculty mission

Training of highly qualified specialists who are fluent in modern information technologies, foreign languages, competitive in the international, national and regional labor markets.

Strategic directions of the faculty development:

  • ensuring the high quality of educational, research and innovation activities;
  • ensuring the continuity of traditions and flexible, adaptive response to changes in the factors of the external and internal environment;
  • developing partnerships to support quality, creativity and innovation with the real sector of the economy and civil society institutions;
  • making effective management decisions based on a balance of the needs of all stakeholders;
  • active involvement of staff and students in the implementation of the principles of corporate and social responsibility;
  • progressive sustainable development.
Dean's office


Candidate of Philology, assistant professor

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Vice-dean for Educational and Methodological Work

Master of Philology

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Vice-dean for Socially Educational Work

Master of Pedagogical Sciences

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Material and technical base

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has: a table tennis hall, a karate-do hall, computer rooms, a stadium with a 250m running track, a football field with a modern artificial surface 60 x 40m, a basketball court 15 x 30m, a volleyball court 15 x 30m, a playground for "Street workout" there are also two language laboratories, in all departments there are several classrooms with an interactive whiteboard, resource rooms, classrooms of artistic literature, assembly halls, classrooms with musical instruments.

No. of the classroom

Name of the classroom

Volume, sq.m.

Number of seats


Classroom for teaching staff of the department




Music classroom




Methodical classroom




Choreographic classroom




Make-up classroom




Dressing room




Music studio




Music theory and solfeggio classroom




Vocal classroom




Classroom for cultural and leisure work




Actors workshop




Workshop for stage combat




Educational theater




Teachers of department Erkebaev D.K. and Bimurzaev E.T. produced 4 feature films: "Azapka toly kyz gumyry", "Tastandykar tagdyry", "Umіt", "Qarttar uyi".

At the department opened the student youth theatre "Dulati zhastary", which received the title "People's" in 2009.

Student folk theatre "Dulati zhastary" - XI Republican Subject Olympiad - I place and II place in the nomination "Etude".

Student folk theatre "Dulati zhastary" - Regional festival "Theatre KZ" - I place.

Student folk theatre "Dulati zhastary" - X Republican subject Olympiad II place.

Student folk theatre "Dulati zhastary" - X Republican subject Olympiad III place.

Student folk theatre "Dulati zhastary" - X Republican subject Olympiad in the nomination "Korіktі sahna kostumі".

Student of KVN team "Madeniet zhigitteri" - II place in the Regional Summer Cup of Akim of Zhambyl region.

Student Eldana Setova - Grand Prix at the Republican contest Music Festival.

The student Boranbek Eldar won the first prize at the Republican poetry contest "Din - gylymnyn anasy".

Student Boranbayev Alisher - I place at the Republican competition Music Festival.

Student Kemalov Suyenish - II place at the Republican Competition Music Festival.

Student Yermakhan Ongarbekov - Grand Prix at the Republican Contest "Biz izdegen talanttar".

Student Yermakhan Ongarbekov Grand Prix at the Republican Art Competition "Tauelsiz eldin ulany".

Student Pryakhina Rusalina received the letter of thanks from the Deputy Chairman of Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Zh.Tuimebayeva.

The student Anel Kozair received the Diploma in a nomination "Uzdik ayel - adam beinesi" at Republican festival of amateur student theatres "Umit" in Nursultan.

Our alumnus

Bakhtiyar Artayev, a graduate of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. The Olympic champion (Athens, 2004 on boxing 69 kg. Winner of Wel Barker's Cup). On September 21, 2004 by the Decree of the President N. Nazarbayev was awarded with the Order Barys I degree "for high sport achievements and contribution to development of physical culture and sport".

Beibit Ystybayev is the graduate of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. Merited Master of Sport. World and Asia champion in Kazak kuresi. Multiple champion of Kazak Kuresi tournaments.

Abilkhan Amankul-student of M.Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. Member of the RK national boxing team. Merited Master of Sport of the RK. Holder of license to take part in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Meirambek Ainagulov is student of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. Member of the RK national Greco-Roman wrestling team. Merited Master of Sport of the RK. Licensed for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Isaak Yeldos - graduate of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. He is a member of the RK Taekwondo Senior National Team. Master of Sports in taekwondo. Participant of the Asian Games (Indonesia).

Kyrkbay Galymzhan-student of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. Master of Sports International Class in judo. Winner of the XXX World Summer Universiade (Italy, Napoli).

Yernazar Akmaral graduate of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. Silver medalist of VIII Summer Universiade in judo, bronze medalist of Asian Championship, participant of XXX World Summer Universiade (Italy, Napoli). Master of Sports of the RK in judo, sambo, Kazak kuresi.

Dukhturbaeva Roza is a student of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. Member of the national judo team. Master of Sports of the RK in judo. Winner of the World and Asian Championships.

Sagitzhanov Rabil - Student of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. Member of the RK adult taekwondo team. Master of Sports of the RK in taekwondo. Bronze medalist of Asian Championship.

Zhansaya Abdraimova is a student of M. Kh. Dulati Taraz Regional University. Member of the RK national boxing team. Master of Sports in boxing. Olympic champion among juniors. Champion of Asia among women.


The main criterion for education reform is that any citizen of the country who has acquired the relevant knowledge and skills should become a sought-after specialist in any country of the world. Kazakhstan should get access to quality educational services at the level of world standards.

The main achievements of scientific work, characteristics of the state and efficiency of research work, recommendations for improvement of scientific and scientific-production activity by departments and faculties are given.

The teaching staff of the "Humanities and Social Sciences" Faculty conducts research work in accordance with approved individual plans of work. After the cessation of the work of PhD dissertation councils in the current academic year, the Faculty raises the qualification among the teaching staff on postgraduate education (Master's degree).

Educational and Methodical work

The main objective of the teaching and methodological work at the Faculty is to create conditions that can improve the efficiency and quality of the learning process. The academic and methodical work is administered by the Vice-dean for Academic Work. Methodical work at the chairs of the faculty consists of a complex of measures aimed at:

  • providing the educational process with educational-methodical complexes,
  • Improvement of pedagogical skills of teachers, realization of classroom and independent work of students,
  • automation of technological processes and telecommunications for the specialists forming at the faculty, improvement of all forms, methods and forms of didactic activities at the chairs, taking into consideration the perspectives and state of energy.
  • The solution of the tasks ensuring the achievement of the goals of the methodic work is realised at the chairs of the faculty in the following forms:
  • educational-methodic works, directed to the realization of the methods of teaching the discipline, direct methodic assurance of the educational process, implementation of the recommendations, elaborated as a result of the research works, improvement of the pedagogic qualification of the teaching staff;
  • Educational and methodical work is aimed at enriching the experience transmitted, the prospects of development of the educational process, the realization of its content and methods of teaching, the search for new principles, methods, technologies and forms of organization of the educational process;
Educational work

Socially Educational Work with students is one of the most important areas of educational activities of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.  

Educational curatorial hours in academic groups address issues directly related to the social life of students: the rules of the internal order, significant events in the life of the country, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, analysis of academic performance, preparation of festive events in accordance with the plans of educational work of the university and group work. Advisors actively work in the field of legal education: they discuss annual messages of the President to the people of Kazakhstan, State Programs and other documents. As well as curatorial hours on topics: "Transition to the Latin alphabet", "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness", "Bolashakkа bagdar - Rukhani jangyrtu", etc. 

Every year, plans of educational work on the department, on the supervised groups are prepared. Advisers report at meetings of the department on the performed work. Students participate in various cultural and sport events in and out of University. Visits to theatres and museums are organized. According to the plan of educational work of the department different events take place every year: round tables, brain-rings, conferences, competitions, meetings and etc.

Students of the faculty take an active part in the activities of national and local youth organizations, Olympiads, scientific projects, competitions, events, sports competitions, patriotic song contests, amateur talent shows. Vocational guidance, in which, along with teachers, students are actively involved, is also of a great educational nature. It has become a tradition at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to hold professional orientation events with schoolchildren. Teachers of the Faculty conduct individual and group career guidance talks, debates, conferences and organize open days at the University. At the faculty there is a system of student government as a form of organization designed to express the interests and protect the rights of young people, to participate in the development of a variety of social projects and programs that contribute to the formation of the corporate spirit, modern management skills and activation of civic responsibility.

There are various clubs for spiritual, moral and patriotic education of students such as: literary and poetic clubs "Tazh" and "Parasat", historical and local history club "Alash tagylymy", psychological women club "Qyz Zhibek" and cultural and theatre club "Dulati zhastary halyқtyқ teatry".


  • Civic-patriotic: imparting social and political literacy to prevent the spread of destructive political ideas among young people, tolerant, respectful attitude to the traditions and culture, art and religion of the peoples living in multi-ethnic Kazakhstan; providing support for public policy;
  • Moral and spiritual: education of students' immunity to destructive religious ideology, understanding of the place and role of religion in society;
  • Legal: prevention of offences and criminality in youth environment;
  • Physical education: development of mass sports, participation in amateur sports competitions, organization of sports leisure time for students;
  • Cultural and creative: participation in art circles, formation of aesthetic taste, development of students' amateur art activities,
  • Social: Explaining the principles of social partnership, formation and development of student volunteer movement;